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Future of guitar designs is rooted in three main drivers for innovation => Miniaturization, Integration and Communication

Since my early years in the guitar industry, I believed the industry was essentially stuck in the first part of the 20th century.   Guitar designs reflected innovations from the 1920’s to the early 60’s.  These designs, and the innovations they reflected, were originated in large part by Gibson, and a handful  of innovators.  Today, the exact same products, or very similar products continue to be the bulk of the market place.


It is very unusual to see an industry and product category that does not develop new and better features using the continually developing technologies that are available.  I made a personal commitment to pursue a continuing improvement in the state of the art.


I identified what I thought were the three fundamental threads of progress in almost all industries.  The first thread was miniaturization.  Functionally, technology allows us to reduce the size of devices and both create entirely new capabilities (i.e. with Nanotechnology) or be able to make devices smaller, lighter and more powerful.  This can be seen, as an example, in music players like the iPod, where you can now store an entire music collection in a player the fits in a shirt pocket.  The second thread is related, and that is integration.  This is the trend to put more and more function in electronic chips (or integrated circuits-IC’s) which are increasingly smaller.  This not only allows increased product features in reduced space, but introduces the possibility of “intelligence” in the product function.  Finally, the third thread is communication.  Devices are being linked into a common global web, primarily through internet protocol (IP) or Ethernet.  This allow the devices to communicate with each other.  It also allows people access to devices near and far for control and information.   Increasingly, this is done wirelessly.


Further thoughts forthcoming…

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I am meeting with tech partners in Boston/MIT. Several breakthroughs in our labs! More to come.

It is looking like we will be launching a blockbuster new product in the 4th quarter.  I really think it will be a game changer.  Most exciting is that the technology being developed has implications for all musical instruments.

We are committed to improving the state of the art.  Like Orville Gibson, Lloyd Loar and many giants in Gibson’s history, we are committed to innovation and bringing the product to new heights.  Gibson has always been about bringing wonderful new innovations to our musician community.

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Fed Govt made Nashville Flood worse? Released dam water without notice.

Here is the story from Yahoo news:

Summary of story below>>>

Poor communication hurt Tenn. flood forecasting


By TRAVIS LOLLER, Associated Press Writer Travis Loller, Associated Press Writer – Thu May 20, 8:43 pm ET

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A National Weather Service hydrologist says the extent of flooding in Nashville could have been more accurately predicted if the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had kept them up to date on how much water it was releasing into the Cumberland River.

"That’s the information we used to put out the forecast for Nashville," Jim Noel said. "If we had information that was several hours old, that’s the information that we worked off of."

At a joint news conference on Thursday, officials from both agencies described communication problems during the recent flooding that killed 22 people in Tennessee and caused more than $2 billion in damage in Nashville alone.

Those problems included an almost 12-hour Internet outage at corps headquarters on Sunday, May 2. The weather service, not the corps, is responsible for predicting flood levels and issuing warnings to the public.

The corps official in charge of water management for the Nashville district, Bob Sneed, downplayed the significance of the outage, but also said employees had to use their cell phones to retrieve data from river gauges until the network was restored.

Also that day, as parts of the city were flooding, the corps was constantly adjusting the amount of water allowed to flow through Old Hickory Dam northeast of the city. Water released from the dam takes about six to eight hours to reach downtown Nashville.

Flows were adjusted 22 times that day, Sneed said, but the corps only communicated with the weather service five times. The last time was at 11 p.m., after NWS officials looking at data from river gauges became concerned that the river was rising much faster than they had predicted, Noel said.

At that point they called the corps directly and learned it was discharging much more water than they had previously been told: 220 cubic feet per second, not the 150 they had based their predictions on after a 7 p.m. conversation.

… see link for complete story.

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Secret Party – Jeff Beck honors Les Paul at Iridium in New York City . See guest list…

The small club in a basement off of Broadway will be overflowing with musical dignitaries.  Les will be smiling!

Here is who we expect to be there so far:

John McEnroe plus one,

Ace Frehley plus one

Bernie Williams plus one

Peter Shukat plus on

Jonas Herbsman plus two

Bob Cutarella plus one

Scarlett Johannson plus one (Tentative)

Mick Jagger and L’Wren (tentative)

Nils Lofgren plus one

Brian Setzer plus one (this was per Harvey)

Billy Gibbons

Zakk Wylde (plus one)

Bob Ringe

Nigel Lythgoe (plus one)

Duff McKagan (plus one)

Johnny A (plus one)

Warren Haynes

Jennifer Batten

Jim Dalrymple

Steve Miller (plus one)

Scott Moore (and Gwen)

Terry Stewart

Joel Peresman

Bob Ezrin (plus one)

Bill Flanagan

Henry Juszkiewicz

Meatloaf (plus one)

Paul Shaffer

Robbie Robertson

Keryn Kaplan

May Pang (plus one)

Fred Goldring (plus one)

Lou Reed

Stewart Hurwood

John Varvatos (fashion designer)

Keryn Kaplan (plus one)

Kevin Bright

Jeffrey Greenberg (plus one)

Ron Delsner (only him and he won’t arrive until 9pm)

Jon Bendis (plus one)

Jonathan Klein

Hamish McLennan (plus one)
Ryan Adams (plus one)

John Ostrosky
Kurt Loder
John Huey
Rik Kirkland
Hank Gilman
Barbara Orbison (plus one, tentative)

Jason Fine

David Fricke (plus one)

Jeff Salmon (plus one, he is on board of Les Paul Foundation)

Cristy Tremble (plus one, he is on board of Les Paul Foundation)

Ricky Byrd (Musician)

Chris Noth (Sex and the City)

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Only 600 of 1200 Slash Appetite made&shipped before big flood. Run was sold out.

We hope to fulfill the remaining orders by end-of- August. There is a feeding frenzy for this model.

Slash has been working very hard to promote his new album and the “Appetite” .

At a high sales rate, most Gibson Nashville guitars will be very hard to find in another 3 weeks.

The review has been posted on Premier Guitar’s web site and will be featured in the next hard cover issue to be released early June.

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2 Geese preparing to nest. adopt recover Nashille Plant. Staff named them. Leslie (Les) and Paul.

2 geese seem to have adopted our front lawn as their home.  . The chocolate cookies our Staff feeds them seems to keep them very content.

There are always good things happening in life.

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Gibson Guitar donation banks going up around the city of Nashville and Austin for Flood Relief


It will culminate in both cities Memorial Day (Austin) and June 18, 2010 (Nashville)

We are trying to help

Gibson Guitar and its philanthropic division  the Gibson Foundation,  have announced a series of programs  to help aid the victims of the recent Nashville floods which devastated the city and surrounding areas. Thousands of people have been left homeless and without the basic necessities of everyday life.

The guitar case banks will be placed in area establishments. The guitar case banks will be placed in Nashville area establishments. Also at Landmark venues across Austin, including Antone’s Home of the Blues in downtown Austin and Maggie Mae’s on 6th Street are participating.

A final push to raise funds through a sponsored event titled “ Night Out for Nashville” – An Evening for Music City Flood Relief. Participating Clubs and venues around the city will  host simultaneous music events 6/18/2010.

Many artists such as Slash, Zakk Wylde, Peter Frampton, Luke Bryan, Keb Mo, Heart, Sammy Hagar, Corey Taylor, JT Hodges, Honor Society, Rev Theory, Gloriana,  Paulie Z, Billy Morrison, Ray Benson, Austin City Limit’s Terry Lickona, Jonathan Singleton and others are helping.

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Planning Launch of Wurlitzer Lyra Juke Box. Addressing simple to use streaming. Aweome.

The Lyra uses a powerful audio system and a simple to operate touch screen in a standalone jukebox for your home.  It is as simple to use as an old time jukebox – NO COMPUTER NEEDED.


·         with huge power amp

·         sub woofer

·         studio monitor speaker

·         storage of music files and play lists

·         ability to play/rip cd/dvd

·         ability to load file to or from unit to other devices

·         Rhapsody, Last FM, Shoutcast streaming


Other music services are being negotiated in different countries.


The streaming music business is starting to heat up with a huge wave of competition and consolidation coming.  Will music streaming services be the main way people get their music?


Pandora is growing leaps and bounds, and Spotify is getting great reviews.  Pricing is dropping.






Spotify Halves Subscription Cost As Competitors Gather

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Installed Office 2010. Underwhelmed. Not much different really.

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I am building a communication infrastructure using Check out

Posterous allows me to post via email or sms and then send the information to all my web presences.  It is really easy, flexible and powerful.

I intend to let everyone know the latest happenings at Gibson Guitar and also present parts of the book I am writing, "Fan Based Marketing"®.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  (This is the first multisite broadcast)

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