The Lyra uses a powerful audio system and a simple to operate touch screen in a standalone jukebox for your home.  It is as simple to use as an old time jukebox – NO COMPUTER NEEDED.


·         with huge power amp

·         sub woofer

·         studio monitor speaker

·         storage of music files and play lists

·         ability to play/rip cd/dvd

·         ability to load file to or from unit to other devices

·         Rhapsody, Last FM, Shoutcast streaming


Other music services are being negotiated in different countries.


The streaming music business is starting to heat up with a huge wave of competition and consolidation coming.  Will music streaming services be the main way people get their music?


Pandora is growing leaps and bounds, and Spotify is getting great reviews.  Pricing is dropping.






Spotify Halves Subscription Cost As Competitors Gather

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