The small club in a basement off of Broadway will be overflowing with musical dignitaries.  Les will be smiling!

Here is who we expect to be there so far:

John McEnroe plus one,

Ace Frehley plus one

Bernie Williams plus one

Peter Shukat plus on

Jonas Herbsman plus two

Bob Cutarella plus one

Scarlett Johannson plus one (Tentative)

Mick Jagger and L’Wren (tentative)

Nils Lofgren plus one

Brian Setzer plus one (this was per Harvey)

Billy Gibbons

Zakk Wylde (plus one)

Bob Ringe

Nigel Lythgoe (plus one)

Duff McKagan (plus one)

Johnny A (plus one)

Warren Haynes

Jennifer Batten

Jim Dalrymple

Steve Miller (plus one)

Scott Moore (and Gwen)

Terry Stewart

Joel Peresman

Bob Ezrin (plus one)

Bill Flanagan

Henry Juszkiewicz

Meatloaf (plus one)

Paul Shaffer

Robbie Robertson

Keryn Kaplan

May Pang (plus one)

Fred Goldring (plus one)

Lou Reed

Stewart Hurwood

John Varvatos (fashion designer)

Keryn Kaplan (plus one)

Kevin Bright

Jeffrey Greenberg (plus one)

Ron Delsner (only him and he won’t arrive until 9pm)

Jon Bendis (plus one)

Jonathan Klein

Hamish McLennan (plus one)
Ryan Adams (plus one)

John Ostrosky
Kurt Loder
John Huey
Rik Kirkland
Hank Gilman
Barbara Orbison (plus one, tentative)

Jason Fine

David Fricke (plus one)

Jeff Salmon (plus one, he is on board of Les Paul Foundation)

Cristy Tremble (plus one, he is on board of Les Paul Foundation)

Ricky Byrd (Musician)

Chris Noth (Sex and the City)

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