The world is trying to figure out what "social media" is all about.  Clearly, there is a revolution taking place seeing the amount of activity on web sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube among others.   I believe that internet tools are allowing a company to be able to conduct a real dialogue with our fans either via individual e-conversation or by giving access and participating in communities interested in Gibson.


I and our entire team at Gibson want to know what we can do to make your relationship with Gibson a better more joyful experience.  While it is not possible to fill all wishes, we want to fill as many as possible and make the lives of our fans more joyful and rewarding.

To start the dialogue process we are opening ways for fans to talk to us.  The first steps were taken 15 years ago when we set up a Customer Care hotline available to anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.  (In the US the toll free number is 1-800-4GIBSON).  We receive thousands of direct calls a week where you can get a real person who cares on the line in under a minute.  This was expanded to IM, email support, and forums on our web site as these tools become available.  We track response rates to insure we respond both quickly and with empathy, and we do so most of the time (we continue to improve).

Our Customer Care is now global, with service in Europe, Japan, China, and very shortly in India.  Every day, all of our top management, including myself get a report on concerns, suggestions, and general comments made.  I personally insure this is followed up in an exceptional way.


The tools of today allow us to go way beyond this to achieve much higher levels of dialogue with our fans and fan communities.  We are now on twitter, Facebook, and participating in some related communities quite actively.  We are gradually expanding our contacts with fans and communities with an organized outreach program whereby there are live Gibson events where people can have face to face dialogue with key members of our team.  We are just at the very beginning of these efforts and I know we have a lot of work to do.

There are three principals that drive our efforts and which I am trying to make part of the DNA of Gibson:

1.       Transparency

2.       Responsibility

3.       Accountability

Gibson is about community and dedicated to making all our partners lives better and more joyful.  (It is that sense of joy that I believe is the core of musical experience.)  Gibson want to be and is your community, dedicated to the above three principals.

Talk to us.  Tell us what we can do better, or what you already really love.  What would you like to see from us?  Help us and participate.  Much more to come…

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