It is taking a while, but I am exploring the various applications that are available on the iPad, and more importantly starting to put the device to work for me.  I believe the power (and commercial success) of any product is its ability to change the behavior of the user and improve life.  I am finding the iPad does this, but the benefits are the apps, not the technology.  The device features and a really great development environment (developers can make money with modest amounts of work) brings fantastic benefits.


I find the following features make the iPad incredibly useful:


1.       10 hours battery life, essentially allowing it to be an always with you, always on device that last longer than a day

2.       exceptional quality screen that makes using media a joy.  Both video and graphic media look exceptional.

3.       the form factor allows taking this device everywhere WITHOUT ANY ACCESSORIES

4.       the keyboard is extremely useable, even for long form writing

5.       Outlook Exchange integration is outstanding working better than the Outlook client itself

6.       having both Wi-Fi and Cellular service means you can always connect.





The number of information sources with individual applications that present exceptionally well are incredible.  The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Financial Times, ESPN, and the list goes on.  Not only is the information available, but for the first time, these publications are presented in a format that is better than print with graphic presentations exceeding gloss magazine quality, first time introduction of video and multi-media elements, and the ability to annotate, search and navigate quickly to only what you are interested in.





While the form factor is smaller, the experience of watching movies, TV shows, and video or any kind is exceptional.  I have 12 movies on my iPad and can watch my movies on even the longest international flight for the entire flight.  The experience is so compelling, that people will start using this as their main media screen in my opinion.





I have always traveled with a paper reporters book and taken notes, and used it to explore ideas and concepts.  This is the first device that will allow me to replace paper, with a superior experience.  Dan Bricklin (inventor of the spread sheet and fellow HBS classmate) has an exceptional application called “Notetaker for the iPad HD”.



Autodesk (maker of best CAD software) also has a fantastic application called Sketch Book Pro.



This comination which is can now allow files to be emailed, searched and organized electronically make for an uber-notebook.


A great sylus that works with the iPad is about $12.…




Games, GPS, maps, weather presentation, flight information, music keyboard, guitar teacher, and much much more.  With one click, you can be doing something productive and/or fun.



I was in a cab going to an obsure hotel and the cab driver got lost (with a GPS that did not have current info).  I dialed up my iPad, Google Earth, and gave directions plus had a real time read out of where we were.  When he took several wrong turns, I was able to correct him promptly.


Between navigating, I was reading the current news from the Wall Street Journal.  Wow.




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