I posted on my forum under controversial issues that something would happen on December 11, 2010.


We have been working on a new guitar that takes the instrument to new never before seen territory.  We have a massive R&D team at several centers around the world contributing to this effort.


We have had test panels with prominent professional musicians, retailers and consumers (over 200 people) getting feedback on the current state of the product.  Each time, we have gone back to the drawing boards and made changes to refine the product and improve it.  We are already on version number 4 and it will probably be version number 6 which will ship to approximately 400 brick and mortar dealers all over the world.


It is an enormous undertaking and I (along with an exceptional R&D team) are spending huge amounts of time and energy on this.


This will be a limited run, and the design as introduced will not be produced again.  We expect it to sell out in a weeks’ time.


We cannot disclose what the product is until the design is stabilized and perfect at least in our eyes.


It will certainly be discussed and I expect it to be both  a major set forward in the evolution of the instrument and quite controversial.


These are exciting times we live in!!!





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