The Firebird X went through the most thorough review and testing of any product Gibson has ever produced.  As we went through every aspect of the product one by one, we found things that we could improve and wanted to improve to meet the high standards of this design concept.  After facing considerable redesign challenges early on in the review and testing process, we could no longer predict how long it would take to complete the process.  After months of work by several teams of exceptional engineers, designers and guitar players we are near the finish line and will be able to have product in store by the new global sale date, May 1, 2011.

This is a limited run.  We are forced to about one third of the number of instruments that our first Robot introduction had and which sold out in one week’s time.  If you are interested in securing one of these pioneering guitars, I would recommend you get with one of the dealers that is scheduled to receive them soon.

I am personally relieved and highly excited.  I think we exceeded what we set out to do and I and everyone that has been part of the development effort is enormously proud.   Those who have been waiting, thank you for your patience.